Welcome to Life Is A Blessing 2K15 by Rasfimillia

Track list

Clinton Fearon - Brother Music
Alpha Blondy - Yitzhak Rabin
Ras Zacharri - Health & Strength
Yami Bolo - People Rise feat. Papa Michigan
Menny More - Any Day Now
Edge Michael - Stand Alone Remix feat. Macka B
Jah Sun - Carry On feat. Dre Island
Mr. Lexx - Done Out
Alozade - Badman Wanna Be
Friendly Rasta - Swing The Fuck Up
Mr. Williamz - Thousand Style (Mungos Hifi / Bim One Remix)
Pupa Jim - Bike Rider (Mungos Hifi / Prince Fatty Remix)
Dr. Israel - Gangsta n Police feat. Killah Priest
Kahn & Neek - Backchat (Baja Frequencia Remix)
J.A.R - Future Cuss Cuss (Club Version)
Solo Banton - Babylon Time feat. Donovan Kingjay
Singer Blue - If A no Jah (Vibronics Remix)
Benjah - Hot Tempo (Version)
Steppa Style - Digital feat. Solo Banton
J Boog - Coldest Zone
Niyorah - Rising Sound feat. House Of Shem
Fitta Warri - Live To See

Welcome to Life Is A Blessing 2K15

by Rasfimillia

"LIFE IS A BLESSING" [FREE MIX] LINKS: www.facebook.com/djrasfimillia djrasfimillia.wordpress.com www.twitter.com/rasfimillia E-MAIL: djrasfimillia@gmx.at

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