Welcome to Soca Xtra V2 Miami Carnival by DJ Mr General x DJ Notorious

Track list

Soca Xtra Vol.2 Intro
1. Ms Diamond - Dont mash up the party (Screw Driver Riddim)
2. Farmer nappy - Down low (Screw Driver Riddim
3. Ragga - Whine for your country
4. Juliette ft Ragga - Checkin on meh
5. T-Rock - Ah Roaming (BRAND NEW)
6. Lead Pipe - Drink till Morning (Overcast Riddim)
7. Holla Bak - Bend ova gal (Overcast Riddim)
8. Orlando Octave & Izac King - Bend ova (Red rum Riddim)
9. Skinny Fabulous - Non Stop (Red rum Riddim)
10. Denise Belfon - Wining Queen (Project 5 Riddim)
11. Michelle X - If you want to (Project 5 Riddim)
12. Machel Montano - Life of the party (Project 5 Riddim)
13. Gt Cash - Do it (Scab out Riddim)
14. Marzville ft Richie loop - Whine & dip remix (Scab out Riddim)
15. Verseewild - Dibby fete/Scab it out (Scab out Riddim)
16. Kes - Coming over
17. Machel Montano - Bend over
18. Farmer nappy - Stranger
19. Ricardo Drue - Get to know you (Spanish fly Riddim)
20. Daneel - I love the way (Spanish fly Riddim)
21. Devon Matthew - Bottle (RD Riddim)
22. Jahmoun - Doh hold it back (RD Riddim)
23. Skinny fabulous - Sweat (RD Riddim)
24. Machel Montano - Fog up de place
25. Blaxx - Foreigner
26. Fantom Dundeal - Soca Anthem (Isodora Riddim)
27. Flipo - Doh tell meh dat (Isodora Riddim)
28. Sizwe C -Pump it up (BRAND NEW)
29. Giselle Wassi - Pumpin (Marigot Riddim)
30. 5 Star - Party Hard SMJ Remix
31. Lyrikal - 25/8
32.Bunji Garlin - Savage
33. Olatunji Yearwood - Wah do (Soca Future Riddim)
34. Ms Alysha - Whole day (Soca Future Riddim)
35. Blaxx - Leh Go (Soca Future Riddim)
36. Olantunji/Lil Rick/King Bubba/Machel - Drinks Mr General remix
37. Blood & Mikey - Roll it (Faze Juan Riddim)
38. Edwin Yearwood - Going crazy (Faze Juan Riddim)
39. Lil Rick - Ravers Roadmix (Crazy Jab Riddim)
40. Lil Rick - Ravers JestRap
41. Denise Belfon - Bam Bam (Crazy Jab Riddim)
42. Edwin Yearwood - Encore (Crazy Jab Riddim)
43. Skinny fabulous - Shell down that (Crazy Jab Riddim)
44. Skinny Fabulous - Hurricane (Celery Riddim)
45. Tallpree - Celery (Celery Riddim)
46. Bunji Garlin - Journey Continues
47. Brother B - Break him dung (Release D Riddim)
48. Lavaman - Soca Child (Release D Riddim)
49. Tubbs - Riddim Tribe (Release D Riddim)
50. Teddyson John - Backa (Emergency Riddim)
51. Fya Empress - We Ready (Emergency Riddim)
52. Lavaman - Wrenk (Old Stain Riddim)
53. Skinny Fabulous - The General (Old Stain Riddim)
54. Pumpa Kong Fu (Old Stain Riddim)
Soca Xtra Vol.2 Outro

Welcome to Soca Xtra V2 Miami Carnival

by DJ Mr General x DJ Notorious

Mr General came up with the name Soca Xtra which is a monthly Mixtape for all the Soca lovers around the world & he kicked it off by producing (Vol.1 Notting Hill carnival) which and had a good turn out of 200 Downloads. And now he has manage to bring along a new member to #SocaXtra DJ Notorious from New York and came out together to bring out Vol.2 Miami Carnival. If you still havent got around to Vol.1 >> http://www.islandmix.com/mixtape/2013/soca-xtra-v1-notting-hill-carnival-3215 You can find us Twitter: @djmrgeneral & @Notorioushype Facebook: DJ Mr General & NotoriousHype Instagram: @djmrgeneral & @djnotoriousinc

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