Your Favorite Workout Song at Spotify?


I am planning to visit Berlin in upcoming days for my work. Though it is an official tour but I don't want to miss my workout, and probably I would like to pick a within hotel gym option there if authorities would allow. But, hotel gyms wouldn't be opened there due to coronavirus pandemic then I would prefer to do the workout in my hotel room, and it would be impossible without good music. Indeed, this article is very helpful to know how Spotify can help in finding the best workout music, but I want to know the most motivational songs.

I found the following songs little attractive for doing a workout in the hotel room, but it would be great if you suggest more especially the Spotify ones:

On the Radio

Dance Again

Actually, I found both of these songs on Spotify, and it would be great if you suggest me some songs out of the box or the most underrated ones. But, yes they should be available on the Spotify or give their SoundCloud links.
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