Your Favorite Instagram Models !


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So who is your favorite IG models ?

Right now Lani Blair trending due to a good night with Tristan Thompson , there goes my chance this year with Cleveland going back to the finals....

But let's get to it....

what is a IG model ?

There is no real definition of “an Instagram model” but one could say that they usually are highly attractive people with a huge following.

This usually raises the attention of brands and sponsors, who are more than happy to partner with the “model” to gain access to their audience and leverage the model as a marketing tool.

Becoming one is a different proposition - you’d have to have a huge following, mostly because of your looks initially. Brands and sponsors will start approaching you to do specific posts about their products for payment usually - at this stage you can probably consider yourself an Instagram model.

Or TMZ definition :

An extreme selfie taker usually with a nice body, broke, with hopes of an athlete hitting them up in their DM's to meet up and bust one inside them to get pregnant.


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most of these broads be so fake and corny to me.

I do like Lulu Simmons tho


and Bria Miles. (the jury is still out on whether or not her ass is fake)


I like instagram, because there are a lot of gorgeous girls with a lot of followers. I wonder if these are real subscribers or do they use promotion?


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