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HOw allyuh feel the band is without Machel there? I personally still feel that Xtatik is by far the best band out there even without Machel. People feel they ain't good without him, but even though it's not the same vibe without Machel there, I don't really notice he ain't there anymore.

I am a true Xtatik fan, been with them since day one. And I feel they are doing very well. If allyuh hear de new tunes for next year...oh gosh dat is pressure!

I mean when Machel returns, of course de band going to be hotter! But as for now they are truly de best band.

So to all those who say they sounding like #### because Machel aint there, allyuh not true fans/supporters!

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I think that the band has come a long way since Carnival. Machel is a unique individual, and adds something to the band that only he can. That said Xtatik is still the most exiciting soca band right now.

When the band is on the stage, I never really find myself wishing Machel were there. They are still talented, energetic, entertaining and capable of hyping the crowd into a frenzy.

All who went Arena Friday, know what I mean. The new releases are hot, and they should do well.


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One thing that Beenie Man said on the radio last night is that no matter how big he gets doing the mainstream music which appeals to the mass market he will always remain dancehall. He will continue to do his dancehall tunes so when he does collaborations with Lil Kim Black Rob and others he will still but two dancehall tuns on his album because he must take care of home. I think Machel needs to do one or two tunes for his dancehall and take care of home because very soon people gonna see Machel as a memory. Xtatik was on Friday I like Junkyard it go mash up. Leh we stop wid de Machel talk because Xtatik showing that thy movin on without him. I will always be a Xtatik fan before a Machel Fan because Machel without Xtatik is really not good. But Xtatik without Machel showing that they could mash up de place so big up to de big band see ya at the RAMA.


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I personally thought things would not be the same without machel, especially since i did not go to trinidad for carnival, and i kept on hearing people say they were not the same without him. machel just has something about him that captivates audiences, young and old. then they were in ny on march 31st at soca arena, and i was so disappointed with their performance... but i didn't give-up on them! NOW they are back to normal, and sound damn good without machel!! i am happy for them, and they are definitely still the best with their selection of music/songs, and performance! i also like the fact that other members are getting a chance to shine with their own songs (ie, derwin, and nappy), while in the past other members weren't able to (ie. sean caruth and "follow yuh partner"), unless they were featured in a song with machel and other members, ie., music farm.



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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-31-01 AT 10:46 AM (EST)[/font][p]I think the band is really doin great without machel...though his presence is missed, peter, roger and nappy along wit de res of de bandis makin 2002 a year we gon rememba. Take what I tellin ya....I might be gettin a first listen of de album and doin a interview wit them b4 they leave for T.O. The interview will be on channel 70 BCAT ...so massive ya can listen to the tunes and call in to talk to the band at de same time. I'll let you guys know the day and time of the interview...stay tuned :)


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Xtatik is the best best band. No other band could and would never compete with them. Machel is tremendous, but remember no other member had the chance to shine, so no one knew their capabilities. But trust me they damn good.

Nappy, Peter C., Derwin Vaille big up Love Yah and oh the rest of the Xtatik Family nuff love and respect to your'll. Keep up the good work.

Junk Yard the bomb!


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for the xtatic fans.info:machel will be returning to xtatic for 2002 carnival and i heard this from the horses mouth. he will be a special guest on cools boat ride.

love ya pepsi
p.s i my self cant wait to see him so i can eat him up:9


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I agree. Xtatik is doin fine and still sound good without him.I didnt notice he wasnt there either..But I still love Machel.