Xtandi (Enzalutamide Capsules): Uses, Dosage, Side Effects


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The Indian generic BDENZA from BDR composition of the Japanese drug Xtandi from ASTELLAS. Both drugs contain 40 mg of Enzalutamide so their effectiveness is equivalent at a much cost of xtandi in usa of the Indian counterpart. The drug is used in the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant malignant prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is dependent on this type of hormone and responds well when androgen receptors are blocked. Enzalutamide is a potent inhibitor, blocking the binding of androgens themselves to their receptors. This substance inhibits the development and growth of tumor cells, and also provokes their death and regression of malignant formation. enzalutamide india The starting and recommended dose of BDENZA is considered to be 160 mg / day taken at a time. The onset of adverse reactions of a high degree of toxicity is possible, in which it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a period of 1 week or more until the manifestations of side effects are significantly reduced. The drug can then be resumed if appropriate, possibly with a dosage reduction to 120 or 80 mg per day. If it is necessary to use it simultaneously with drugs that block the CYP2C8 enzyme, the dosage of enzalutamide should be reduced to 80 mg per day. After canceling the above inhibitor, you can return to the original dosage of the drug. Most often, patients note the following side effects of the drug: Headache; Hypertension and tides; Feeling tired. If you need enzalutamide 40 mg tablet, you can buy online Enzalutamide from our online pharmacy. We offer genuine price of which is much lower than on other sites.For more questions about Enzalutamide cost, you can contact us by WhatsApp +91-9911944593 or by email Info@medixocentre.com enzamide 40 mg price in india enzalutamide 80 mg tablet