Who Rocked It Better? Serena Williams vs. Britney Daniels

Who Rocked It Better? Serena Williams vs. Britney Daniel

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Southern Belle
Serena looks like a man in drag, but that's just me being nice about it. I've seen her look better, and that is just not the look for her. She at least needed to spice up her jewelry, shoes, hair....hmmm yeah it just isn't working for me. I would've worn some black tights, and a necklace. She's supposed to be a designer too smh.

Ms. Hershey

another day...
Britney Daniels all the way on this one. i'm really disturbed by some of Serena's fashion choices. just when you think she's gotten it right- and lately, she's been more right than wrong- she pulls out something like this to make her look like her name is Sven and not Serena. steups.


Big Steupss
seriously, what is serena thinking....i thought she was into fashion....someone needs to call the fashion police:telephone


Reign of Fire...Judgement
Britney of course, the dress clings to her body much better, although her choice of shoes, those boots, was HORRIBLE, she wins cause that Blue on Serena looks absolutely....SHITTY!!


New member
With Serena the color is all wrong, maybe if she wore another color or maybe not. Anyhow you take it Britney Daniels looks better in that dress that she does.


Loyalty to Loyalty
i cant choose cuz I dont like those boots with Britney dress

then I dont like serena lack of accessories or shoes