Which band is the best dressed?


Best dressed...

I would have to say that I like the fact that Traffik wears FUBU. It gives them a uniform yet trendy look.

Xtatik looks good when they take the time to be uniform. Dem fella's does spend real money on sneakers too. Check out their feet next time they on stage.

Blue Ventures does not stand out in my mind, nor does Surface, except I know I usually don't care for Nicole Graves outfits.


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I must place my vote for Krosfyah, because they does just look good. All uniformed looking etc. Except i have to complain that I am not digging the new Krosfyah... SO TO EDWIN I HAVE TO SAY... GIVE ME BACK MY ALL MALE BAND PLEASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!

i think the girls will agree that they did not much nicer with Ray Armstrong...

XTATIC looking nice and trendy... i have to agree...

Square One? allyuh now how much i love meh peeps but i have to say... we need to dress up de fellas some more... although Ali does look good...

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Xtatik is the best dress band them fellars dressing years now remember Men At Work.they ha co-dination.Is them who start de thing


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I feel that all the bands can use a wardrobe change. Xtatik does look good at times but most of de times yull catch dem in jeans and tee shirts. I feel that they can try a little harder. I mean we gyurls does go all out to like nice for de fetes...so they should too. On de other hand some bands need to coordinate more because when dey come on stage all yuh seein is a rainbow of shiny colors. I think the most important thing, when it comes to wardrobe is.....to have more then one outfit per carnival season. I tired seein singers and bands wearin de same outfits in Canda, New York and Miami!!


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I have to agree with you girl, it seem to me that Allison Hinds have only 2 tops in she performing wardrobe. Same thing with Sanelle Dempster. I think that the female artists more than the actual bands need to work on hooking up their gear.


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-15-01 AT 04:40 PM (EST)]Xtatik is best dressed......!!

Dat is the bottom line....:)

Remember back in 97, 98, 99..every performance Xtatik were in uniforms....

"Charge!! ..Toro Toro...Charge!! ..Toro Toro"



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best dressed band

I voting for traffik I think they have some uniform to them with the exceeption of eddie who always taking off his he clothes and dancing is he boxers


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Best dressed band

I'll go with Traffik any day, Fubu style.Traffik or nothing, In Blue ventures Sanelle and Lima dresses nice and Spongy looks good when he is not on stage with the band, the "band" outfit is not up to date.