What subjects did you study???



H.S. - Bio/ Chemistry/ Algebra/ Spanish/ French/ Sex ed/ Aviation Technology/ History/ English

State Technical College- College Algebra/ Pre-cal & Trig/ Physics 1 & 2 / Eng 101 @ 2/ Airframe and power plant/ Aviation systems/ Meteorology/ Aviation Instruments/ computer lit/ everything else is mostly Aviation aircraft training related.

I am sure i've taken a lot more classes, but that's what i can remember.
I would change career paths instantly - mi name math free. Mi nuh like nothing mi cyaan lay dung inna mi bed and figure out ... Can't avoid math tho. Do good but I hate it.


oh lawd..lol.. i remember one Ad math test in class.. i came in , looked at the paper.. blanked out.. took a 10 min nap and then got up and wrote teh exam.. lol.. i needed to recharge.. lol. my teacher told me after, years after, she never forgot that.. lol..
lolol... yuh good...once i sleep i was not going to wake up till i hear pens down...lolol...but yea i seen ppl sleep

Funny. I have seen many students either freak out or just give up and go to sleep in the exam yes. But never seen someone go to sleep and then wake back up. lol
..... i think i only see one person freak out and that was in de Literature for Ad. Level... de gyal come in and de book she studied for her option was not on de exam... gyal nearly dead rass.....:kicks.....

de first end of term ad maths exam i did i realised i coulda only do the co ordinate geometry question....sssooo i did that an then for the rest ah de exam i re wrote the rest of de questions onto my answer paper just to look like i was doin sumthin...lol...i get so much talk fuh dat eh..lol...
i did that for a Caribbean Studies mid term.... plus i put me had on me chin...pause lil for "reflection" and continue.... all for the look i did doin shit.....


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high school in guyana

mathematics, english a, english b(literature), geography, biology, physics, chemistry
In HS in Jamaica

I was getting As in Chemistry, Technical Drawing, English, and Computer.

I was getting a C or B in Math, Electrical, physics - the others were easy for me, but these subjects actually took an effort and dem time me neva have time fi school...

Lowest mark was prolly in math - electrical wasn't hard but I didn't always show up..Physics was nice still and I did really good for most part..oh god i'm remembering a sexy girl now who took my notes..Sexy browning wid a phat ass...She did love me.

I was getting a D in building construction/ woodworks - I hated the pussi and I didn't go to his class..Everytime I went it was a war between me and the teacher boy .. Plus badman nuh have time fi mek door and learn bout lumber ..saw dust and all dem fukery deh ..Types of trees and types of materials ..Location location location ..Soil rae rae pussi suk yuh madda mi a lef da class... "don't come back" he would say ... There was one female in that class too..


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english, english lit (beast for a teacher lawd she was dread), chem , bio, geography, math, french, physics (i was so shitty form 2-5 then I got a great tutor easy skankin after that), did ad math same time with adv. math in lower 6th, agri sci. (our school kitchen was atrocious I preferred to work the land, plus my hand woulda break off if i had to sit there and take all those notes and bs), macco-ology, peace-keeping, molestation, demon-cast-outing, chair racing, waterballoning, informal table tennis and sentry-ing.
The 7th and 8th graders use to hate when I played water ballooning because id be staying on the 5th form floor and be soaking them ..christmas time id throw down a pack of clappers ...
Compulsory, and I sucked at it, sometimes for writing essays even used https://legitwritingservices.com/law-essay-writing-services/

Maths compulsory, and I liked math, so I went up to the highest I could go.

VCE VET Business
This one is also compulsory to the school, as it's extremely business focused.

VCE Accounting
And, a fourth compulsory. This is not counting towards ATAR, as we are doing a specialised course that very few schools do, dropping several units and doing random ones.
GCSEs: Maths, English, English Literature, Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, RE, IT, Music, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
AS Level: General Studies, Linguistics.
A Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Italian, Latin.
Degree: Maths- for a bit. Then mainly pubs, railway lines and football grounds- until I accepted the inevitable and dropped out.
This resource https://www.collegeapps.com/ helps a lot with the studying process