What foods or products are toxic to dogs?


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I've got a wonderful dog. I want to know what not to give him to eat so he doesn't get sick and so on. Help me with this question!


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Hello all, I saw this thread and immediately wanted to tell you a not-so-happy thing. I have a dog. I myself am very clean and like to keep my flat clean. I wash my carpets very often with an appropriate cleaning product. I started to notice that after every carpet cleaning my dog felt very bad. Then I found on the internet how is carpet cleaner toxic to dogs. The truth shocked me because these products are very toxic to dogs. Take care of your little friends and don't be like me!


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Do NOT feed your dog more than a very small amount of bacon or any bacon grease. I know it sounds like a good idea: bacon flavored treats, bacon is delicious, bacon bacon bacon, etc. but DO NOT DO IT. It can cause pancreatitis, which is very painful for the dog, and very expensive for you if you get the dog to the vet before it kills them.