What are the latest mobile app development trends ?


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An app with a great UX, clean UI, and cutting-edge features can take your business towards new heights of success. Thanks to technology, there are many mobile app development technologies that you can incorporate in your mobile app development project to make it unique and functional for your users. For example, when it comes to developing a mobile app, make sure to optimize it for foldable devices so that it allows users to perform multiple tasks at once. You can also incorporate beacon technology into your mobile app to deliver location-based info in real-time to your customers. Furthermore, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT integration, and payment gateway are a few smart mobile app development technologies that you can implement in your mobile app. A team of mobile app developers Dubai will guide you on how to add these technologies to your mobile app and make the most of them.
Though you have mentioned some good points regarding the mobile application trends but you shouldn't ignore the following trends for 2021:

On-Demand Mobile Apps: Indeed, many of you would think it was Covid-19 pandemic that made everything online, but you shouldn't ignore that 2020 was a game-changer for mobile application development industry where each service provider was willing to go with custom applications. No doubt, 2021 would be a year of on-demand mobile applications.

Increment in Demand of BaaS and mBaaS: To speed up the process of mobile application development mobile backend as a service plays a significant role. From building an application, sharing APIs and other backend tasks, BaaS or mBaaS could change the scenario. It is also a very anticipating trend that companies would prefer backend as a service for backend maintenance of both web and mobile applications instead of taking services of developers.

5G Technology: If you are thinking that 5G technology is not changing the scenario of mobile application development and usage, then you are wrong. With improved speed and efficiency, 5G would allow developers to include exciting features in their mobile applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) App Integration: The use of IoT for different kind of devices has been increased in a few years to improve connection among people via the internet. Similarly, the use of IoT in the development of mobile applications is also perfect. For example, you can control every device of your house and office with your smartphone via web application due to IoT.