Twerk Team Founding Member, Betty Butt, Shot To Death In Atlanta


RIP.. She was my favorite one out of the original group(4 I think)
I remember she left to go to school. Sad story.

on another note, I wish these articles would use her real name

A Georgia woman identified by friends on social media as Twerk Team founding member Betty Butt was shot and killed in a botched robbery in Cobb County on Wednesday, reports the

According to Smyrna police spokesman Chris Graeff, the dancer, who was shot in the head, was one of two people shot at the Mission at Galleria Apartments. A male victim was taken to a local hospital and is being treated for injuries sustained when he was shot in the side.

Read more from AJC:

Graeff said that during the initial investigation into the shooting, authorities were told to look out for three men in a red Toyota Camry. Shortly thereafter, a Smyrna officer got behind the vehicle on Cobb Parkway, which sparked a chase.

After traveling down Windy Hill Road and onto Interstate 75, Cobb police officers got involved in the pursuit, Graeff said. The pursued vehicle then got onto Paces Ferry Road near Paces Mill Road in Vinings, where it struck a vehicle and overturned.
Several Cobb County police cars were at the scene of a crash Wednesday afternoon in Vinings. (CHRISTOPHER QUINN / CQUINN@AJC.COM)

“This red car zooms by us in the other lane,” Sarah Miller, a witness, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I saw the car hit the side of another car and flip over.”

Graeff said all three men attempted to flee the vehicle after the crash, and officers were able to catch two of them close to the crash site. The third was captured some time later, also near the crash site.

Real Lady Luscious, another Twerk Team founding member, grieved on Instagram:

This doesn’t even feel real they took you away now all I’m left with is words and convos that never happened if you love someone hold them close life is too short for the bullshit I love you big sister #RIPBeTTyBuTT I’m going to miss you ���� (The Original Twerk Team At Our First Photo shoot)


Southern Belle
So, they couldn't say (insert real name), known as Betty Butt? smh Glad they caught those involved though.


Apparently the boyfriend was a drug dealer.....

It was a drug deal and robbery attempt that led to a deadly shooting in Smyrna, followed by a police chase that ended with a crash in Vinings, according to Cobb County arrest warrants released Friday.

Walter Vernell Milbourne, Kevin Nathaniel Robinson and Simeon Gashon Moore have each been charged with murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery and drug possession in connection with Wednesday night’s string of events, Cobb jail records showed.

Investigators believe the trio was involved in a drug transaction with Jamie Milton, who they followed back to the Mission at Galleria apartments in Smyrna, warrants obtained by Channel 2 Action News stated. Two men held Milton outside at gunpoint while a third went inside Jamie Adedra Moore’s apartment, warrants stated.

Moore tried to fight back, but was shot in the head and died after being taken to the hospital, police said. According to various media reports, Moore was an original member of the Twerk Team, an Atlanta dance group that has appeared in music videos with rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Three 6 Mafia. She went by the name Betty Butt, according to reports.

Milton was also shot, but his injuries were non-life threatening, according to police.

From the complex, Milbourne, Robinson and Moore led police from several agencies on a chase into Vinings, where their vehicle struck another vehicle before overturning. All three men ran from the wreckage, but were later taken into custody, according to police.

On Thursday, Smyrna police released video of the chase, which involved Cobb and Atlanta police.

The suspects were booked first into the Smyrna jail before being moved early Friday to the county jail. All three suspects were being held without bond Friday afternoon.


Loyalty to Loyalty
yea it happened last week, sad.

hmm no pic of the 3rd guy...

so he didn't have the money
they kill his girlfriend
he was gon magically find the money now?


Get your passport & come !
So much for the black women that were supporting this lifestyle as a way to be successful in life. If you still have to date drug dealers or even circulate in their circles, how much did whatever twerking paid you really help you upgrade yourself? Stripping and twerking and any other way of earning income that is legal but degrading only makes sense if it turns you from an economic and social ugly duckling into a BEAUTIFUL SWAN. Not a ugly duckling that has now lost life because of ugly duckling type associations. It not going to pull the attention of the right kind of men. Which is fine if you never plan to date any but look how the man she attract to her life end up costing her her own... :( I wish for women to own their choices for their bodies and be free to meet or not meet public expectations including mine, but I do want them to be safe and happy in whatever they are doing... she wasn't safe and she isn't unhappy, but neither is she happy, cause she's not alive...