Trucker Hats Vs. Camouflage Caps?


Due to some financial reasons, I didn't gift anything to any of my family member on new year and Christmas. That's why I am thinking to make a bulk shopping. Probably, the idea of purchasing hats from a wholesaler would work, but I am confused between the trucker and camo hats. In the beginning, I was only willing to proceed with camo ones, but when I saw trucker hats from here, then I changed my mind.

Actually, trucker hats which are available at BuckWholesale are fascinating me a lot. Even they are also offering a free shipment if I make an order around $250. Do you think trucker ones would be better? Moreover, it is easy to wear trucker hats anywhere instead of camo ones. However, I would like to know your views about these hats.

Waiting for your suggestions.