Trinidad Carnival 2015 housing available


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sold out? carnival is a year away...u cant be for real
That hotel is surprised too... i use them yearly and this is the first time they are all gone so fast.

Even my usual guesthouse rooms had just this bum rush early. THAT never happens to me I have a couple early sign ups, and then a bum rush in August/September-ish with some steady ones in between that time... and then more steady comers, and then a bum rush at the last minute...

This time also lots of groups 4,6, 10... that actually had everyone sign up. Usually is mostly groups of 2 and 3 and then a couple larger ones.

I have one that seem to be swelling to 15 strong. Somebody sent up a batsignal or something about 2015 but they ON IT this year. I even had my first crew from Canada sign up.


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steups after this buss carnival, people still going back
? EVERYBODY was saying this was an EPIC carnival... are you serious right now?????

Man I had newbies and a couple regulars from 2014 sign RIGHT BACK UP for 2015 services. 2 are a couple that played with Harts, who has costume delivery, so their entire carnival was one big custom-served experience cause they didn't have to think about anything, just literally show up, party, play rinse, repeat...

My first sign-ups were newbies who signed up valentine's day, before this year's carnival even moved off down the road lols.

Tribe Ignite was the only thing I heard a BIGtime problem with... cause they oversold their tickets. Couple of my clients I got them their tickets and they couldn't get in. Some usual behind the scenes madness with Caesar's Army I think gave me a couple new gray hairs...but...the folks went, and said: EPIC. Highlight of their season... so I will have to keep getting the gray hairs cause people want it baddddd.

And I now have a link for Fantasy. And Scorch. 2015 gonna be so much more epic than 2014 was.


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Damn this carnival is serious business...

But if you want an awesome carnival for half the price of Trinidad but with even more fun, contact me for Antigua Carnival 2014 for band registration and accommodation.

Email me your band and accommodation info nuh... In case someone ever wants to book that through me. I've been invited and from I heard is 2 days like TNT i want to go... just not right now.


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Is housing for T&T Carnival up to par as far as true value for the money being paid?

But this is coming from a Jamaican, so coming from a tourist country where you always get more for the money and sexy smiles with your customer service (when dealing with businesses that interact with tourists, of course)... I might be spoiled.

It's supply and demand though. Carnival the demand way outstrips supply. Especially when the hotels are 3 times the price of everything else, want full payment up front (all but the one), and still selling out... I wish i owned me a guesthouse in POS.


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going to Antigua for soca and carnival is like going Trinidad for Passa Passa and Dancehall! lmfao

i will go Antigua around carnival time, but mainly for their 365 beaches and things and try to enjoy some of the carnival same time but going there just for hardcore carnival and soca NO WAY

actually my plan is to visit each island while carnival is going on
This is so unnecessary. How can a thread this innocent get spoiled like this????


I actually have been told that they play wayyyyyyy more non-Trini soca at the other carnivals. I hear every year some HOT soca song that i will never hear played in a Trini ting...

I'm actually still amazed at how ghettoes around the world latch onto the passa passa thing so no comment there as I understand what we have at home but not the subsidiary versions.


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Within 10 or within 20 minutes walk of the Savannah. Singles, doubles, triples, quads at basic ($$) guesthouse, midrange ($$$) guesthouse, or ($$$$) hotel, while spaces last.

email with your name, total number in your group, how many sharing a bed (if any couples in your group), and check-in/check-out days or dates.
Basic guesthouse sold out except the rooms with SHARED bathrooms.

Midrange guesthouse sold out.

Hotel A sold out.

Hotel B has King (1 King bed) and Queens (2 Queen beds) rooms available (5 minute drive, 15-20 minute walk from Savannah). Single, double, triple, quad occupancy.

A second midrange guesthouse available, 2 bedroom house, 2 queen beds in one room, 1 king bed in the other. Sleeps up to 6 if sharing beds. About 10 minute drive from Savannah (I arrange transport later in the carnival season as well, for those who choose the option).

Options for large groups are available, but the larger the group the faster the entire group has to be ready to sign up and make first payment (or full payment if only wanting hotel, hotel B doesn't do deposits).

Larger groups are encouraged to consider hotel in order to stay together. Persons traveling with spouses that do not plan to play mas or fete much, as well as persons who are celebrating milestone birthdays, anniversaries, or other major events that occur during carnival are also encouraged to consider hotel. Those who plan to be feteGODS and play mas the money and stay at a guesthouse.


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Within 10 or within 20 minutes walk of the Savannah. Singles, doubles, triples, quads at basic ($$) guesthouse, midrange ($$$) guesthouse, or ($$$$) hotel, while spaces last.

email with your name, total number in your group, how many sharing a bed (if any couples in your group), and check-in/check-out days or dates.
Everything I listed above is sold out (unless you want the room I was going to be in, at the basic... it's shared hallway bathrooms but the cheapest thing left) but I secured other housing and if your group is large, being willing to stay further away from the Savannah or cough up hotel money can still allow me to help you.

Don't be in window shopping mode though because here today, gone next week.

Inbox or email me.


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Also, anybody who wants in on costumes and fetes, and Tobago, and transport... I am still handling those. I can get you registered in any band (in the sections not already sold out, of course) except TRIBE and Bliss.

Limited fete tickets on the most difficult fetes, and likely will go to existing clients if it's 1 or 2, but if you need any fete except the ones below I can help you:

Silent Morning
Beach House
Diamond Vale
Wine Down


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2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment in Diego Martin available.

2 bed with private bath room available in Woodbrook walking distance from Savannah.

Room to share with another female, private bath available in Woodbrook walking distance from Savannah.


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i need 3 tickets to dj pvt ryan fete

you have any?
Nah some clients I got in already (around 10 of them) and others begging me for tickets.

I swear just the fact it sold out making people more obsessed with being in it. I don't know why Dawn didn't just find a new venue and come back after whatever the drama is with Jenny's Car Park, but they need to cause Saturday morning has 2 super-exclusive committee only events, 1 super fast to sell out event, and then a boatride people from abroad seem to not be too familiar with so they won't just get that ticket and move on to the rest of the fete schedule. People need some options that morning.

What I do have extra:
5 Silent Morning (all inclusive boat, Star Ship)
1 Beach House
1 We Wednesday
1 Diamond Vale
2 female Scorch Saturday all inclusive
1 C'est La Vie