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Eyes of the Emperial Lion
Baje' girl I know how u feel I just cut all mines off about 2 months ago!!!!

Everyone was tight with me because I had a good length but I just got tired of it. All the diffrent styles I got bored of it it was no tthe first time me cutting it down but this was the first real real short cut i gave myself!!!!!!

So go for it girl only if u can take care of a shot style!!!!


Bes' Wife Status
Re: chop it

i did after i had the baby...
and i'm loving it....

*singing* all bald head put up u hand.....all bald head put up u hand....shake shake ....shake shake...

Yuh had to give she a lil Iwer for encouragement:p


I went for the drastic hair cut in 98...everyone thought I had lost my marbles! I have since started growing out my hair (I was growing it for my wedding), and I too am thinking about cutting mine off again. I just LOVE my hair short!!!!

Go Trinibaje!!!! Be sure to post pictures


The Great Pretender
i wanna see the pics..b4 and after

i went from a low natural dreads....i have done everything possible to my hair except that jheri curl business