The Rise of Caribbean Men! Sexier, Smarter--IN DEMAND!


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Remember that song? brings back memories....

Been watching the media lately and it seems that the world is discovering the allure and intelligence of men from the Caribbean. Yes, the world knows about Bob Marley and other Reggae artists, but now...there is Isdris Elba (The Wire):fan_1: Oooohhhh he's so fine. And Bob Marley's youngest son, Kymani Marley --another hot babe. Usain Bolt is definately bringing light to the island of Jamaica.

Men from the islands are generally viewed favorably by women and the adjectives to describe them typically are very positive.

Terry Mc Millan's How Stella Got Her Groove Back opened the door of a younger man from the island of Jamaica falling in love with an older woman. I'm not sure how the movie was viewed in the Caribbean, but it definately got some American women to thinking about such a union. However, this also opened up the incendiary reality of Rent-a-dreads that are known to be gigolos and after it came out that Terry's younger man, Johnathan was gay and used her to get what he wanted, Terry became a laughingstock. Many men had no pity, given the impression of the negative portrayal of Black men in her past books.

However, tell the truth. For the men here, do you notice the love women seem to be throwing at you, particularly those of you who have a lilt--is it an advantage?

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I accounted for already so whether its true or not it doh matter to me and I don't pay attention to it.

What's a lilt???


lol....some people ONLY NOW getting into the lure of caribbean men?


like i used to argue continuously with my african american ex-girlfriend about hip hop...and how ALL the BEST and most CHARISMATIC hip hop artists were from caribbean backgrounds and if it wasn't for the caribbean hip hop artists...the hip hop swagger wouldn't exist....


Ah would have never known what a lilt means if it was not for this thread


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Idris Elba...WTF?

Elba, an only child, was born Idrissa Akuna Elba, and shortened his first name at school in Canning Town, where he first became involved in acting.[2] His father is Sierra Leonean and his mother is Ghanaian.[1][2] Elba grew up in East Ham.[6] He began helping an uncle with his wedding-DJ business at age 14, and within a year had started his own DJ company with some friends.[3][7] He left school at 16 and won a place in the National Youth Music Theatre—thanks to a £1,500 Prince’s Trust grant – but then ended up having to do everything from tire-fitting to cold-call advertising sales to pay the rent between roles in Crimewatch murder reconstructions.[8] He was working in nightclubs under the DJ nickname Big Driis by the age of 19, but began auditioning for television parts in his early twenties.[3][7] After a stint in the National Youth Music Theatre, Elba worked the night shift at a Ford factory in Dagenham, London in 1989 and '90.[8] Elba started acting in secondary school (Trinity Comprehensive, Barking Road, Canning Town) with encouragement from his drama teacher (Susan McPhee).

Idris Elba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

When MJ7....

sweetheart, I thought you was nutz b4. but If I didn't believe you were b4, I now surely know.
please someone get her some help?
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seriously now.. what is the point of all these caribbean man threads???? one or two okay but lawd.. is like a stuck record..


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seriously now.. what is the point of all these caribbean man threads???? one or two okay but lawd.. is like a stuck record..

She is writing a book it seems, and this and other forums are simply part of her research..Also she like her meat dark as well as light. her other handle is truthangel. LOL!! too funny

Sexy African American interested in meeting a true BORIQUA male, age 29-40 - Page 5 - Discussion Forum


My username is Truthangel and I'm new here.

Basically, I am dating and primarily I date black men, but I'm also interested in meeting Puerto Rican males also.

If you are an intelligent, well spoken, ambitious and an interesting man-just drop me a note and maybe we might connect. Honesty is a plus and I'm very passionate. Are you?

Appearance wise, I do prefer men who are in good shape and character wise I respond better to those who know how to treat a lady.

Originally, I'm from Georgia and this Georgia Peach is used to being treated like a princess. Likewise, as a southern lady, I do have a lot of charm and I know how to treat a man-of course. Again, being from the south, I am a very good cook.

Feature wise, I am about 5'7, medium build-shapely, honey complexioned, dark brown eyes and naturally long hair.

If I sound like someone you want to know...just drop a line.

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