The Pillow Stretch Gives Your Tight Lower Back the Relief It Deserves


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Unless you can talk your roommate or significant other into giving you a massage Pompiers Pillow Cover, you're really only left with a few options: grabbing the foam roller, using a Theragun, or doing some yoga. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret. While each of those methods have you playing masseuse, there's a completely effortless way to melt the tension away, too. All you need for a good lower-back stretch is a pillow.In a video on TikTok that's racked up more than 4.5 million views and 640,000 likes, Becca Walker, the licensed massage therapist behind Massage at Home, shared how great pillows work for self-massage. Even though you're not actuallymassaging the tension away with any tools, you're getting a deep stretch that gives you the same end result: pure bliss, less pain, and less tightness. "Pillows make a great addition to at-home muscle health and self-massage techniques. Often pillows can be used to position your body for a more exaggerated stretch," says Walker. "This stretch in particular decompresses the spine, which basically means it elongates it. From a soft tissue perspective, this can help release some of the fascial tissue and stretch tendons and muscles that attach to the sacrum."Lower back pain can come about for many reasons. "Living a sedentary lifestyle or poor posture can lead to compressing the lower back," Walker says. That's why she says it's so important to stretch the lower back often. While she says things like Child's Pose and Cat Pose are quick stretches you can do several times a week, the pillow stretch is great for anytime you want something deeper.