The official 2014 NBA Championship thread


Dragon Singh
NBA Finals - Heat vs Spurs game 4

Spurs 1-1

Heat 2-1

Thursday 9pm

No BETS under 10 million : ALL bets must be in 5min before game time


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good fukking game...
kinda scary that the Spurs have to be near perfect in order to beat the heat cause they aint reachin that level of perfection every night... at one point they were 90% from the field, or some insane number like that...
Leonard was shooting the lights out...

i think where the heat started getting back into it was when Leonard started feeling himself too much and started tryin to do too much and not involving the rest of the offense...


SPURS as a team played real good last I said from the start Game 6 SPURS NBA CHAMPIONS


wow in here mighty quiet today......HEAT lose tonight it is OVER........SPURS win tonight kiss the 3peat BULL goodbye


This thread is about like this post game interview


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Heat in 6.

Every year the Heat go down a game in a series and they still come back and win.

They were down to the Bulls in 11, down to the Celtics and Thunder in 12 , Pacers and Spurs in 13 and Pacers and now the Spurs again in 14.


If more people listened to me then they would be better off

When I kept saying Pop finds away, it wasn't idle typing


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Anyone that doubted that the Virgin Islands own Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs were going to avenge their self-inflicted defeat last year by destroying the Miami Heat this year please start preparing and seasoning your Crow for dinner on Sunday night. My boy Duncan is making this massacre look so easy.

This is what happens when you have a Virgin Islander on your team. It immediately gives you an extreme ADVANTAGE!!!!

World Champions for the 5th time..............Aaaaahhhhhhhhh...Greatness!!!!!!!