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Well, we have a number of exercise and workout threads. Thought, we cud' use a thread to talk about these things.

So, I'll start with this question.....

Do u use Pre-Workout drinks? If so, what is ur drink or energy regime of choice.

Well in July tried this product called "jack3d".

it's a small container compare to the big jugs u see many other drink mixes come in. It's as big as a tub of petroleum jelly. The product claims to give u all the necessary ingredients with out all the fillers like carbs...magnesium..food coloring etc. The container comes with a scoop that is big as a dime and as deep as 5 or 6 dimes stacked. The product claims to be a high potent energy drink. Boasting the energy in one scoop that is as equivalent to 6 cups of coffee. It's recommended that u take 1-1.5 scoop on ur initial use, to gauge ur tolerance to the product potency.

Well, I used 1.5 scoops on my initial use. The instructions say to mix every scoop with about 6-8 oz of water. I mixed it with a 16 oz bottle of water. I tried lemon-lime flavor...which taste like lemonade wit no sugar. Not that bad. I took it about 30 mins b4 my workout, and after about 10 mins I started to feel a tingle in my face. Which is a normal effect that come from one of the main ingredients beta alanine. That lasted about 3-5 mins, and then I could feel my body energize & alert.

Started my workout and notice that I didn't feel fatigued like I did prior to drinking the drink. I felt more alert & focus during my workout, and my endurance level had multiplied. I was able to go more reps' with out the fatigue, which made my workout time longer and even more productive. I usually workout in the mornings. So, that was the time I was consuming the drink. But, one evening I was working out about 7pm and I had taking 2.5 scoops. I worked out for 2 hrs, but still had a load of energy a number hours after. I didn't go to sleep until about 6 am. I realized after that I had consumed the energy of about 15 cups of coffee. :kicks

All in all, i think this is a great product...and worth a try, especially if u tend to be sluggish to go workout. You know...when ur mind says yes, but ur body says no! lol. yeh, right then. With any supplement...make sure you read & follow the instructions careful. Make sure the ingredients are not toxic to ur body. Even consult ur physician if need be.



Cervical Cancer
can you list the ingredients?
side effects?

~Ingredients Analyzed~

Here is a breakdown of the compounds in Jack3d. Assuming the reader has already read about the positive attributes, we will be taking a look the potential dangers of each.

Geranamine (1,3-Dimethylamylamine or Methylhexamine)
This psychoactive drug is not FDA approved due to lack of research. It has adverse effects when safe usage is exceeded, including headache, nausea, and even stroke.

Schizandrol A
This is one of the effective components in the dried Schizandra fruit native to China and Korea. There is very little information available about Schizandrol A and only a few lab studies have been conducted. Botanists’ claim the fruit itself can increase in the speed of reflex nervous responses.

Methylxanthines (Caffeine & Theophylline)

Jack3d supporters claim that it gives them energy without “the crash” and yet pretty much anyone will agree that caffeine is a temporary fix. Theophylline is very similar in structure to caffeine. Due to its numerous side-effects, the drug is rarely administered for clinical use.

This amino acid really does increase muscular strength, endurance and delay fatigue. Numerous studies have proven it.

Creatine Monohydrate

There are no adverse side effects beyond occasional dehydration. Users of Jack3d often suggest drinking plenty of water to offset this, which is a good idea regardless.

L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate

This is the salt of the amino acid arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid. Along with the other amino acid based substances in Jack3d, there are no major drawbacks to speak of.

~Jack3d Abuse~

This report does not seek to deny that Jack3d gives you the desire to work out for extended periods and with increased intensity. The point is to disclose that fact that there are indeed dangers to be aware of before you decide to load up on it. While safe for those that follow the guidelines, enthusiasts that go beyond their limits may pay a high price by potentially damaging their health.

Several consumer reviews have disclosed anecdotes about Jack3d causing awkward social situations. While the user of Jack3d is flying high on the stuff and “getting so much done” in the workplace or gym, they do not look they are operating in a healthy state to co-workers and friends. The terms “strung out” or “uppity” have been used to describe their state. Surprisingly, these remarks aren’t taken as warning signs but instead are seen as complementary. After all, it becomes clear that Jack3d is so powerful that others are noticing the effects.

People with an addictive personality or history of drug abuse have a good chance of taking it too far. Jack3d contains enough powerful stimulants to make it a substance that can fast become “a dependence powder.”

you can read users reviews, below.....

Jack3d - Dangerous and Addictive Supplement?
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