Teacher Portfolio Assessment


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If you are a teacher, are you a good teacher? Would you like to be a better teacher? If you are an administrator, are the teachers for whom you are responsible doing a good job? Assessing the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of teachers is a formidable task. While the National Teacher's Exam may provide a minimum criterion for the certification of teachers, it is not meant to be used as a measure of teacher effectiveness. One method for assessing teacher performance is the teacher portfolio.


A teacher portfolio is a collection of work produced by a teacher. Just as an artist uses a portfolio of collected works to illustrate his or her talents, a teacher portfolio is designed to demonstrate the teacher's talents. Thus, teacher portfolios are constructed by teachers to highlight and demonstrate how you can do my college homework for me their knowledge and skills in teaching. A portfolio also provides a means for reflection; it offers the opportunity for critiquing one's work and evaluating the effectiveness of lessons or interpersonal interactions with students or peers.

What is actually included or related in a teacher portfolio depends on how the portfolio will be used. A portfolio may include some or all of the following:

* Teacher background.
* Class description: time, grade and content.
* Written examinations: National Teacher's Exam, State licensure tests.
* A personal statement of teaching philosophy and goals.
* Documentation of effort to improve one's teaching: seminars, programs, etc.
* Implemented lesson plans, handouts and notes.
* Graded student work such as tests, quizzes and class projects.
* Video/audio tape of classroom lessons.
* Colleague observation records.
* Written reflections on teaching edd dissertation topics.
* Photographs of bulletin boards, chalkboards or projects.
A common misconception is that a teacher portfolio is a folder laden with teaching artifacts and evaluations. Ideally, a teacher portfolio is a document created by the teacher that reveals, relates and describes the teacher's duties, expertise and growth in teaching. Each assertion in the portfolio is then documented in an appendix or a reference to outside material, such as videotapes or lengthy interviews. The size of a portfolio varies, but it is typically two to ten pages, plus appendices.
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