Square One - How do they sound to you?


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I was just saying the same thing in a previous message. I agree with you 100%, I find they don't sound good live at all! It's weird because a band is supposed to sound plenty better live then on a CD, specially when they playin' they own tunes, but that's not the case with Square One. Like I said before, I don't like to see them perform cause I find them so boring. That's just my opinion, they have good tunes, but ONLY on CD, they have a very long way to go when it comes to performing, they ain't ready.

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I find dey was good long ago with "Faluma", "Twister", etc. when dey have party tunes...i use to run behind dem like dey was Xtatik when it came to fete...but dey making better tunes but not for fete...to wine up and get on bad..sweet tunes..but sweet tunes can't hold it down when it comes to performance. Now..I don't enjoy them as much as i use to.

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Personally, I think they sound just as good live as they do on cd. I actually look forward to seeing them live whenever they're in town. They have good stage presence & know how to work up the crowd & get them involved. For example, anyone who was @ their show @ The Base over the Easter Weekend saw how Allison challenged a guy in the crowd to wine on her & how the band, at the end of the show, told everyone who was interested to go onstage & dance/wine w/ them. I'm not saying they're the only band that does this, but these two examples come to mind since we're discussing Square One.


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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON May-30-01 AT 06:52 PM (EST)[/font][p]Actually... i find it's the other way around. I personally (not to sound disloyal to my country or anyting) think Square One and Ali especially put out some really weak shite. I am tiiiiiirrrrrrred of hearing Ali wid de repetitive songs wid twenty words. Long time I've been saying this. It is an insult to her really huge vocal talent. But it is what makes money- look TC had to tek de hint and go for party songs. But I still find her songs having better melodies and lyrics than what Square One puts out.

However!- I find that Square One and Alsion especially are really, really great performers. They can get a crowd in the spirit in a way that many other artists (with better songs sometimes!) cannot do. That is why Alison is known as the Soca Queen and is so popular. Square One has vibes cyan dun. I once saw Alison perform a song for Party Monarch that was utter and complete crap in my opinion. We had mek a joke and seh she would be better off singing the E.S.A.Field rum jingle that S1 had done for a t.v. ad. One jump-and-wave ting. But ALI MASH UP DE PLACE!!! She knew (i guess) that the song was weak, and she put down one hell of a performance, she had the 'Bowl alit.
If they were not there, I wouldn't have missed them!!! The only reason dem playing is for the Glow theme song! Since that was the case, we could have had one of the sound sets play it.


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I agree with you DCboy, I think Square One was better to watch when they were singing tunes like "Faluma". I don't think you really need mash up tunes to mash up a fete though. Sweet tunes can do the same thing if you ask me, at least if the crowd is a REAL SOCA crowd. I just don't think Square One sounds good period because that tune "Carnival Baby" (R.I.P. Lord Kitch), sounds sweet on CD, but it don't sounds good at all when they perform the tune.

As for stage performance...I have yet to see that one. Someone mentioned the fact that they get the crowd involved and Alison bring someone on stage to wine, If I only had a dollar for everytime they did that! It's tired, it's old! If anybody was at the GLOW or the last few fetes Square One has performed in over the last year or two, they could see that the crowd pretty much goes to sleep while they perform, they don't seem into it at all.


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The band is talented no doubt, their sound is different. But they lack one essential element to their sound, brass. How you go make an artist like David Rudder collaberate with a band that does not have a brass section, the man used to sing for Charlie's Roots for God sake. I'm sure that members of the band have heard these complaints before and it's about time they take it into consideation. They're not gonna last long with keyboard and drums alone.


I was so looking forward to hearing Rudder sing Glow with them and it turned out to be just plain dull. I'm glad it's not only me. Thing is I think Alison is really talented, but somedays (like Sunday) she is just not enough to carry the band.


The CD is good, but live the music is supposed to sound much better. Look at some of the other bands, I rather hear their songs live than listen to the CD. This is not the case with Square one. As a live band their music sucks. I agree with brownskintrini, they need some brass. It will make all the difference. Alison is very talented and so is Andy, but you need more than just talented vocalists these days. I always find myself leaving the front and taking a break in the back whenever they performing. My advice is GET SOME BRASS


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i agree, i love allison's songs, but their stage performance doesn't move me at all! do they even have brass?! that could be the problem...


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Square One's new album is pretty good....but keep in mind that those are songs that most people already know and love. I think that the only thing that is keeping them alive now is the Glow theme song. I believe that Krosfyah is 100% better than Square One when it come to music but they don't get the credit they deserve!! Anybody who was in Trinidad for Carnival know what I am talking about-Square One was just the worst!!!


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Square 1 just doesn't do it for me anymore. Two, three years ago, my friends and I never missed a Square 1 fete. Now, I go in the opposite direction when they are on a stage. It's all good when you sound good on CD, but if you cannot deliver the same quality or even better during a live performance forget it! Carnival Baby sounds really bad live! No energy, no power, no sweetness. I haven't heard the new CD but believe me I'm not running out to get it!


Funny enough, I heard Allison perform Carnival Baby at Arena for the Soca Divas thing w/ Xtatik. I swear it is the best the song ever sounded.

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I have always said that Square One is for listening at home or in the car on CD. They are not good on stage or on the road. Two years ago I played mas in Trini with Square One. I will never do that again. They were absolutely horrible! I had to go looking for Traffik and Blue ventures.


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Square one and Burning Flames don't really do much for me in a live crowd, but they always make great c.d's.
It also seems like they have a certain energy than transfers to the audience, to make thwm participate. I alway's wondered how they did it!!!!!!