Speaking of Sex Scandal: Canada's own Jian Ghomeshi in a messy affair.


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Yes it's one-sided at the moment because he took the initiative to release the accusations to the media. CBC wanted him to leave quietly or be fired. So he chose to be fired and tell his story... and sue.

Whereas the accusers have yet come forward other than rumours and innuedos - at this point. The jilted lover he is referring to the woman he feels went out of her way to contact other women he was involved with and start whatever she is starting. He doesnt deny being into BDSM and the rest. So is it about rape or about embarrassing him publicly about his sexual tastes? IDK.

Yeah he could be lying through his teeth like a mofo but like I said, some ish isnt adding up at the moment and will not add up until more info from both sides is officially presented. I'm willing to change my mind but until then.....
I'm not saying he's guilty, or that it isn't just about embarrassment.

I am saying that the article left out significant facts about the case and seems slanted to make Jian sound as someone persecuted ONLY because of his love for BDSM while there are other facts that may point in a different direction


Personally, I love being restrained! My Master and I use bondage rope too much though. It's just not our thing. I guess we are both impatient! (The beautiful and intricate rope work takes time!)