Should a man do house cleaning



Thats why you're a driving a SUV ... I might be watching a cricket match while you're out buying food for the house, bring the kids the big head boy muscle nuh nearly as big as mine when I was his age, let dat bugga lift some bags and mek sure him get di heaviest ones too...Gi him all three fi bring
News paper reading days are sat and sun ... and please vacuum first, so when ur done I can read it peace ... plus I got other issues to settle.

You're the devil
eh ya....mi nuh drive and mi nuh plan fi learn all when mi pregnant, mi haffi gaah market while you siddung a watch cricket? bwoy yuh brite...den when mi reach home, mi haffi pack dem away then guh cook afterwards, while you jussa siddung, watch cricket and fart bout di place...*kiss teet*


Unique woman
Electronic set ups and Repairs
Talk to the kids when they won't listen to mommy
Mechanic work - oil change, tire change, etc etc
Vacation funding etc ...
Money to buy grocery, pay bills
Flowers weekly to put a smile on your face while you're cleaning ...

Nice list ... the flowers and power talk to the kids is a nice touch man

But most of this list is like biweekly or monthly duties except for one or two

so wait, you nah come and help carry di bag dem?

mi notice how di tings weh you offer to do are things weh you nuh haffi do WEEKLY or what you ago do pon a typical saturday and sunday mawnin?
exactly lol

if he can eat off of a plate, drink from a cup, shit in the toilet shower in the bathroom, brush his teeth over the sink walk on the rug

Yes he should do housework too
Yuh understand... is all about taking turns sometimes


Players Play I Coach
Yuh Eva wonder does them singers or rappers be really who they sey or rap about?

BTW I thought you said you grew up in Jamaica.
The normal jamaican household everybody cleans and cook.

Yuh never notice that not too many women own resturants.


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Resilient B!!!!!
i do housework every saturday i clean out my house, i vacuum the carpets, dust out the chair cushions and backs. Sometimes i clean the yard too.

When is chrismus time, my bro and i help my mom re arrange the house and hang up blinds and decorate. Sometimes i cook.

Everybody washes dem own clothes, i still wash wid hand, i do a better job dan the washing machine
:read: That's a true King character!