S.o.d give back - the repeat/ mother's day


Waist Line Shots
We'll I have been to a couple of free b4 a certain time fete and a lot of promoters don't open da door till about 10mins b4 its free. TKP doesn't do that when they say free b4 1 the doors open since 10 30. And how can someone say the party wasn't ram????? it was ram to a point everyone didn't get in. The line moved faster after 1 cause a lot of ppl got of the line cause they didn't want 2 pay $20 @ da door. And the door was $20 for most of da nite.

Someone plz tell me how many other promoters throw 2 give backs back 2 back cause ppl didn't get in??? Noneeeeeee!!!! Not only throw a 2nd give back but have free give aways, free food and not 1 but 2 artists performing. I don't see what the problem is if u don't get in free, the door is $20 u gettin all dat, other parties does cost much more for just havin 1 artist. But like bumpa said I am a soca on demand lover and always would be.


Fack all that small talk people, but FREE ROTI AGAIN, whoop whoop.
My big ass in munching on dat :)