Pumpa - Carnival Gaga for STT Carnival


V.I. Posse
Saw him drop the link on Facebook. He says the official radio release will be tomorrow. He's also officially releasing the "Too Much Rum" track.

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Digga D


yh i hear his album is nice 2 man i look forward to St Marteen's Carnival material as well :read:


V.I. Posse
I didn't like it at first but on the real, that song is pure energy. Roadmarch contender for sure. I know I'll be going hard to this one come carnival.


I like it. The song has potential. It could be smoothed out a bit more production wise but it's catchy.


V.I. Posse
It's one of those songs that will heat up once it's time to hit the road. I'm sure it would be much better live too.