Puma Endorses Jamaica


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In the march Issue of The Source there is an ad for Puma H-Street shoe with a runner waving the JA flag, with yellow, black, green shoes. It states Puma is a proud sponsor of the Jamaican Althetics Federation.

German-based athletic footwear and apparel company Puma will take on a Jamaican flair beginning this month in ads for H. Street, a new colorful running shoe designed for high-impact use on city streets and high school tracks.
Originally Appeared in Brandweek

From teenresearch.com:

A GERMAN IN JAMAICA German athletic-shoe manufacturer Puma, which has recently seen a dramatic increase in popularity with style-conscious urban teens, is charting a new course that it hopes will further differentiate it from competitors. The company is planning a new marketing campaign for its H. Street line that will align the shoes with the music, culture, and attitude of the Jamaican people. The colorful shoe is designed for high-impact use on hard city streets and high school tracks, and the company has no doubt noticed the recent popularity of dancehall music (much of which hails from Jamaica) among its target. The new ad campaign will feature spots that show a Jamaican man who finds a magic lamp while walking along a beach. His wish: that everyone could have a pair of shoes just like his. In addition to the advertising component, Puma has signed a sponsorship deal with the Jamaican National and Olympic teams, supplying them footwear for the next five years.


yeah, i guess it kinda cool. i always suspicious when any corporation decide to target any one group of us like so...always seem to be some really unequal kind of "trade-off" wit us gettin de short end of de shoe. nice website though! *shrug*


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Well, yuh done know...it must all been taken with a grain of salt...

All it is is the explosion of dancehall into the popular culture...Everybody trying to exploit it while its still hot. When dancehall hit MTV, you have to make sure you get in there before its all over...:rolleyes:

But, they are sponsoring the Olympic team, and you done know how I feel about the sports thing, so if that's the only help they offer, its something. Unlike the Golf championships that happen in JA every year and they don't even give likkle money to develop the roads in the surrounding community.