Official International Soca Monarch 2015 Finals Thread


Radiant Silvergun
Just got done watching most of the soca monarch that was up on youtube and surrounding sites. I gotta say that power is at a dismal level in terms of what it had to offer. I looked at Shurwayne's performance was just looking at it like " did this shyt before for groovy that one you won remember?!!! Where the phuck is 'Ah Cyah Wait' and 'DOA'?! The phuck is this shyt?!!!" As for Granny, I was crying laughing at the song and the performance...Too bad it didn't win. Iwer, Just...okay...won't speak on it. As for Monk Monte, You can call it what you will, the stage performance and pyro sold his performance. Just didn't move me to wanna turn the hell up. Moreso, appreciate the brass on it really. I guess the spell that Blue Boy casts some 20 years ago is finally starting to fade. At least in my opinion. As for Groovy, damn good shyt. Destra, lawd Faddah....LAWD FADDAH!!!! The LUCY song was okay but just see her work the stage was enough for me. Ricardo had a pretty good tune but just fell flat to me on stage. Nappy once again comes out to Monarch and gives a B+ performance. Wasn't much of a fan of his song anyway. Lyrikal is getting better and better every year with his material. Benjai = Wow...just wow. Congrats to Olatunji, whom in my opinion had the best track off of the kan kan riddim. Dude brought it as only he could. He came a mighty long way from this....
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Anxious to see what the other islands will do this year cause ISM didn't really set the tone it usually does every year for me.

B+ for effort.

Peace to Soca Chat.