Nigerian admitted to all 8 Ivy League schools


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Decisions, decisions.

A North Carolina student who was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools will have to make a tough choice and decide where he wants to attend college in the fall.

Victor Agbafe, a student at Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, also could go to Stanford or Duke because he was accepted at those prestigious institutions as well.

The 17-year-old got into 14 schools in all.


Victor Agbafe, 17 (pictured above), is currently attending Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, North Carolina


On one of his Facebook pages, Agbafe describes himself as a 'passionate, honest, open-minded individual"

Agbafe, who plans to double major in microbiology along with government or economics, called his acceptance achievement an 'amazing opportunity', WSOC reported.

He hopes to become a neurosurgeon.

On Facebook, Agbafe describes himself as a 'passionate, honest, open-minded individual'.
He credits his mother, a Nigerian immigrant and physician, for setting a good example for him, according toWECT.

Dorothy Agbafe-Mosley said: 'For God to crown his effort with success is just something that is just beyond me.

'I am very happy that he has all these choices to make.

'But then it also makes it difficult because it's a lot of good schools.

'A lot of good schools.'

Her son will make a decision later this month after visiting at many campuses as possible.
Another high school student, Harold Ekeh of Long Island, was also accepted into all eight Ivy League schools.

Ekeh, 18, was editor of his student paper and CEO of the Model UN.

He moved from moved from Nigeria to Long Island at the age of eight, got a 2270 on his SATs and also has plans to be a neurosurgeon so he can find an Alzheimer's cure for his grandmother.


Harold Ekeh of Long Island was also accepted into all eight Ivy League schools and wants to be a neurosurgeon

Ekeh told 'It was crazy. My mom was sat next to me and it was just letter after letter after letter.'

He is leaning toward Yale but has until May 1 to decide.

The eight Ivy League schools are Yale, Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania and Princeton.

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