New BVI artist

Digga D

tracks feedback:

Invisible - like the production, as you kinda get lost in it. her voice is slighty deep, so we gon c wot tracks fit her style. This track does remind of an RNB track though.. but i like.. :good:

Faerless - A mid tempo track, but doesnt have any ENERGY for me to waste it on.. :cray:

BVI - kinda ragga soca style beat on this one, hmmm i dunno its jus promo's i guess cos i know they will come betta during the CARNIVAL SEASON.. as most ppls tend to do.

Good luck to KRYSTAL & SHOWTIME BAND !!! :clapping:

ps: good looking out wukkin up


Unique woman
I enjoyed all three songs. Nice vibes. Krystal has a beautiful voice.


Beautiful song. Her voice is nice for R&B, I agree Digga D.
Aaron's part is nice too.

Like the vocals here. The band sounding good too.
The male vocals is what brings the get on bad aspect of the song.

Lovely song showing BVI pride and bigging up BVI
This part of the song is nice:
"Hands...BVI....Wave...Them to the Sky...Rock...From side to side
Represent the Virgin Islands"