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Santimanitay is the sequel to Across from Lapeyrouse, so read that one first!
They are available:
On Amazon (worldwide) for KINDLE

Across from Lapeyrouse is SOLD OUT in the paperback version but I hope both books will be out in the printed version within the next 3 months.

Helene Constantine knows better than most what it means to keep difficult secrets. She is regal, poised, with nerves of steel, and has worked hard to keep the dusty ghosts of the past at bay.

Carlton is a man haunted by a different set of ghosts – ones that threaten his peace of mind. The undisputed titan of Trini mas, Carlton could command the hearts of countless women with a crook of his finger, but only one woman will do. Only one woman can help heal the wounds caused by the vengeful wrath of Gloria Maldonado. Only one woman can gently guide Carlton into a love that sears in passionate intensity, a love that elevates the soul.

What will this formidable couple do, when the past comes striding back into their lives, carried on the designer heels of Carlton’s ex-wife?

Masterfully blending past and present time, Santimanitay is infused with the technicolour pageantry of Carnival that beats so fervently at the heart of its predecessor title, Across From Lapeyrouse. Familiar faces from the author’s debut novel reappear, and we glimpse the darkness lurking beneath the surface of Gloria’s talent.

Taghaboni’s second instalment is a master class on human emotion, on the bacchanal and brimstone ever teeming beneath so-called polite society.

Critical Review:
"Santimanitay has drama, scandal and humour galore, layered over the searing pain of lovers who can't and shouldn't be together. This book packs an even greater emotional punch than Across From Lapeyrouse, while being just as entertaining. Nathalie Taghaboni is just the kind of writer the West Indies needs to tell our stories for us; she will be around for a long time to come."


i just finished reading it.. that was an emotional rollercoaster.. i liked the way how you gave backstories on the characters.. my suspicions about Gloria were correct to the t... i'm upset at the ending and i hope that what i think happened at the end didn't happen and it's just open ended for a third part...

one thing i felt is that some of the trini dialect seemed strange to ME.. just wording and phrasing.. but who knows.. that might just be me personally..

one thing i didnt like.. and i think that's because i dont like this particular thing in real life.. is Mother.. Jeneva to Helene.. i hate when people who aren't mother are addressed in that way... that irks me...

but other than that.. enjoyable read.. and i'd recommend it.. to anybody looking for some local bacchanal..

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I think it all depends on what "mother" means to a person. If it is the person who births you then I can see your point. But to me it can also be the person who takes you under her wing and becomes your go-to for loving advice.
Many people give birth but are not capable of much else.

femmeayitienne, mesi!
I hope you drop by Amazon and post your review!

You too Ladyrastari!


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Trinidad Guardian
Sunday, August 4, 2013

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Joy and anguish meet in the middle
written by: Roslyn Carrington

I wouldn’t exactly call Santimanitay, Nathalie Taghaboni’s follow-up to Across from Lapeyrouse, either a prequel or a sequel. It’s more like a before-and-after-quel or an alongside-quel. It supports, explains, and fleshes out the first book, and yet is fulsome and self-contained enough to stand on its own, even if you haven’t yet read its predecessor.

Much of the narrative focuses on the romance between Carlton and the beautiful Haitian doctor, Helene, whereas previously she lingered on the fringes of the Savanoy children’s consciousness as their father’s outside woman. Again, it takes great talent to make a reader root for the survival of an extramarital affair, not only because the love between the couple is so genuine, so palpable, but also because the marriage Carlton is seeking escape from was spawned in the darkest pit of hell.

Remy emerges as a tragic figure, longing for his father’s acceptance, craving his mother’s love, and desperately searching for his identity. Between wrestling with illicit drugs, struggling with his sexuality, trying his best to be a good big brother and battling constant ill-health, he has few truly happy moments. And in the same way that movie-goers who hang around until after the credits roll get a delightful mini-scene, like an after-dinner mint that sweetens the whole meal, Santimanitay waits until the very end to reveal the secret of Remy’s paternity. And I guarantee it will make you drop your coffee.

As you’d expect from a Taghaboni novel, Carnival itself is a character, with all its splendid colour and noise. Mas and sex feed off each other, and if you’ve ever wondered what role a gigantic King costume can play in a superheated sexual encounter—well, maybe you haven’t, but work with me here—there’s a scene that will explain all you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

Santimanitay is teeming with living, breathing characters. Some you’ll love, some you’ll hate, but none will leave you untouched. And as humorous as it is, there’s a thread of tragedy running through this tapestry that just might leave you in tears. If it does, take a deep breath, put the book down—if you can—and go for a short walk. Then come back and attack it once again...without mercy.

Santimanitay by Nathalie Taghaboni is available from Amazon as an e-book and will be released in paperback in October. The local launch takes place on March 7th, 2014; feel free to contact NALIS to be put on the guest list. Booksellers and fans can reach her at

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Received word from NALIS to begin sending my guest list for the launch.

If you will be in T&T and would like to attend (it's a double launch of both books) on Friday, March 7th, 2014, please send your name and postal mail address to:
You will get an auto-acknowledgement of your email within 24 hours. If you don't get one, it means your email was not received.
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