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I have a new novel out on the shelves. :blush2:
It is titled "Across from Lapeyrouse"

It is available:
On Amazon (worldwide) for KINDLE and in paperback

Barnes and Noble for NOOK and in paperback

personally autographed copies available at:
Commess University
(supplies running low for the paperback!)

also in Toronto at:
A Different Booklist

in Trinidad at:
Paper Based Bookshop
Reader's Bookshop
Tales 'N Treasures

Jeneva is growing into a startling beauty, but she's not your typical young girl; she's the youngest of the Savanoys, a high profile Trinidadian family. Her father is the chief of police; her mother: beautiful, talented, tormented and distant. Her protective older brother can't shield her from life's bruises if he can't deal with his own fears. And Jeneva herself is growing into a testing adulthood, full of uncertainty and sudden lust, shining moments and stifling tension.

Hers is a family with secrets, and they are not the only ones. Everyone wears masks as intriguing, as deceptive and as weighty as the elaborate masquerade costumes the Savanoy Carnival Group creates each year to compete in Trinidad's Dimanche Gras Competition. And as each secret is revealed, Jeneva faces difficult decisions, adventure, heart break and some seriously sizzling sex.

Author Nathalie Taghaboni deftly weaves the lives of her characters in and out of the pulsing Caribbean culture. The glorious street theatre that is Trinidad Carnival is a fitting backdrop for the drama that Jeneva seems to attract.

critical review:
Never before has carnival, sand, soca and sex met in such a combustible mixture! Across From Lapeyrouse conjures it all as we fall in love with Jeneva Marie, the queen of the bands. The Savanoy family lives large in the pages of this trail blazing work by a Trini expat. You can hear the twang and see the streets of Port of Spain and Toronto as the story unveils with brilliant style and shrewd story telling.


Hope you folks grab a copy and read. Let me know what you think! The book has its own facebook page or you can review it on Amazon/Barnes and Noble!

thank you!

Queen Macoomeh

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Santimanitay, the sequel to "Across from Lapeyrouse" was released this week! (July 15, 2013)

It is available:
On Amazon (worldwide) for KINDLE

The other e-versions and paperback should be out within the next 3 months.

Helene Constantine knows better than most what it means to keep difficult secrets. She is regal, poised, with nerves of steel, and has worked hard to keep the dusty ghosts of the past at bay.

Carlton is a man haunted by a different set of ghosts – ones that threaten his peace of mind. The undisputed titan of Trini mas, Carlton could command the hearts of countless women with a crook of his finger, but only one woman will do. Only one woman can help heal the wounds caused by the vengeful wrath of Gloria Maldonado. Only one woman can gently guide Carlton into a love that sears in passionate intensity, a love that elevates the soul.

What will this formidable couple do, when the past comes striding back into their lives, carried on the designer heels of Carlton’s ex-wife?

Masterfully blending past and present time, Santimanitay is infused with the technicolour pageantry of Carnival that beats so fervently at the heart of its predecessor title, Across From Lapeyrouse. Familiar faces from the author’s debut novel reappear, and we glimpse the darkness lurking beneath the surface of Gloria’s talent.

Taghaboni’s second instalment is a master class on human emotion, on the bacchanal and brimstone ever teeming beneath so-called polite society.

Critical Review:
"Santimanitay has drama, scandal and humour galore, layered over the searing pain of lovers who can't and shouldn't be together. This book packs an even greater emotional punch than Across From Lapeyrouse, while being just as entertaining. Nathalie Taghaboni is just the kind of writer the West Indies needs to tell our stories for us; she will be around for a long time to come."