Munga vs. Deva Brat


Reign of Fire...Judgement
@ The StoneLove 35th Anniversary Bashment in Jamaica

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But who is Deva Brat? And wha dey fightin fah?


where de crix
deva brat is from Kartel's crew: Portmore Empire, I havent got the details but I suspect he did it for the hype, Munga and Idonia been going at it, i guess he want part of the action lol


where de crix
At about 4:40 this morning, Munga and Deva Bratt got into a fist fight onstage, after Deva Bratt walked up onstage during Munga's set at the Stone Love anniversary show.

Deva.jpgMunga had just been about to do one of his diss songs directed at Deva when the latter walked onstage. A member of Munga's entourage then walked up but Deva pushed himm offstage immediately, and then Munga took a swing at him. The two exchanged a flurry of blows and Munga then pulled a knife before security personnel stormed the stage to part the would-be pugilists.

Several men, presumed to be fans of both artistes, also jumped the barriers and attempted to go onstage to join in the scuffle, and for a few moments, the situation threatened to spin dangerously out of control before order was restored and the stage cleared.

Afterwards, Beenie Man and Anthony B performed, and ignited the venue with a number of hit tunes.