Morgan Freeman Creates Company with Intel to Combat Film "Napstering"


Morgan Freeman and chipmaker Intel have teamed up to form ClickStar, an online film distribution platform that they hope will help save the film industry from "getting Napstered," reports Kevin Maney in USA Today (2/8/06). The vision is that you'll be able to go to the ClickStar website, click the "buy" button and within 30 seconds watch a new release of a major motion picture at home instead of trekking to a movie theater. Of course, this will require "internet-connected HDTV" which most people don't yet own.

But Morgan thinks the time is now "for the movie industry to create its own, superior marketplace ... before file-sharing of pirated movies takes hold." And because no one in Hollywood will take notice without a "big-league" movie as a proof point, Morgan himself, along with some of his A-list friends, will star in "10 Items or Less," the very first ClickStar movie. The movie "will land in theaters and be available for download on the internet the same day."

Intel became involved after meeting Morgan's business partner, Lori McCreary (the two run a little company called Revelations, that works "on technology to make filmmaking more efficient"). Intel saw a fit with its "digital home strategy" and "helped Revelations build a digital home showroom" to show Hollywood types how all of this can work. As Morgan points out: "All people need is that (Intel) box, and they have gazigabytes coming in." Gazigabytes is a technical term. ;-) He adds: "The studios are not going to do it until someone proves it will work," says Morgan. "So that's what we'll do." The film begins shooting this month in L.A.

Tim Manners