Minx Nails


Any Imixers try this out?:search:

At first I thought it was tacky but I could picture metallic gold nails for New Year's. :confused




Thanks Sharkie!

I've decided I am definitely going to get a gold Minx overlay.

The cheetah is cute but not for big grown woman like me.


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meant to make a thread on this

Yea they look perfect

katy perry

no dry time etc
Designs are unlimited with Minx, it is made of film and not polish so they can be customized with metallics, personalized graphics, and photo-quality designs in flexible nontoxic film form. Minx is applied with heat so there’s no fuss with drying and smudging but the catch is it doesn’t last very long and rips off easily. But Minx definitely makes a statement and great for special events, photoshoots and parties. Pricing for the flower Minx Nails is about $55, it varies.
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i also heard about Calgel which is more resilient picture being on vacation dealing with sand etc. and there is no excessive buffing of the nails like acrylics
“Calgel is one of Japan’s most popular UV Gel Systems used to strengthen soft or weak nails. You can choose from a wide range of colored gels that won’t peel or chip like regular polish.” The best thing is it dries super fast so no waiting for it to dry after you’re done and getting worried of smudges and scratches (also great for the Winter), it lasts about 2-3 weeks.
you can do solid colour or a gradation/ombre effect too and get nail art on top of that (jewls etc)

lol not my cup of tea but seems like they can do anything

Calgel Nail Systems from Calgel USA, Inc.

this is better



Thanks for the pics Taj.

I actually had calgel overlay when I was in Johannesburg. Loved it but when it grows out, looks like acrylic. :(

I like the fact that the minx is thin like natural nails. When that calgel grows out, it appears similar to acrylic in terms on thickness.


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Sorry for the delay ... Forgot to check back here ... they're stickers ... applied with heat ... usually a high watt bulb ... and you can soak your hands in warm water to loosen them up to remove. But after the 2 wks the edges began to peel up so i just peeled them off.

If you do a lot of work with your hands in water, they may not last as long.