Live Training Session for Special Needs Parents?


As an aunt of a boy with special needs, I usually prefer to visit training sessions for special needs parents, but many such sessions have been postponed and even cancelled due to this pandemic. That's why I am looking for free training sessions in this regard. Actually, my 7 years nephew is a special child and has some medical disabilities. He lives with me due to which I always try my best to take better care of him.

Last month, I enrolled in 4 different courses at Coursera. This was a good experience, but I think this kind of live training sessions could help us listen from effective tips from special needs parent hosts. Yes, the hosts of this training session are Lynn & Chad who are already parents of 2 children with special needs. I hope this webinar would help me to look after my nephew, but would be grateful if you could suggest more webinars like this.

I also found this video very effective to deal with such children.