Dougla Ting

Happily Ever After
bajanvincie said:
I'm i the only 1 that thinks it not a wast e of money?
well i love to give my man a treat once in a while (reminiscing about the lapdance i give..):rolleyes:

I mean come on who man want to take off friggin t-shirt and shit all the time off there woman, i mean he would want to see you looking sexy even if its for 5 seconds or a sec and what not.
It is definitely not a waste of money!!! The look on a man's face when he sees you in some sexy lingerie is priceless.


SeReNDiPiTy said:
Do you actually buy it? :polling:
I love sexy lingerie.I have alot I think it is definitely exciting to see a man's face when you looking all sexy in ya heels and sexy lingerie. :tekit


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