Kes The Band- Right Dey (Jester Refix)


Dawtah of the Sun
I'm between this chune and Bunji's FIREY!!! lol...
However this chune is knockin' mi head hard!! I can only imagine this chune playing on de road and all of sudden during that whistlin' part one set of IRON knockin out of no where!!! lol I can't wait for Carnival!

Pure Vincy

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Pretty Preya my absolute favorite tune for 2008 so far
:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: +1

Crazy "for card" is my number two......... man i thought it was a vincy thing that woman only want you "for card", but i guess trini woman aint easy either.......


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When I heard this song...i was like oh gosh nah...i real feeling it and I have it in repeat on my ipod, but like any good tune dat come out early will most likely end up loosing its zest coming close to carnival.