IMIX BOOK CLUB --- let's start---Haitian author


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Have you guys progressed? The one good thing about flying for me is I read on the plane. Just read

After the Dance: a walk through carnival in jacmel, Haiti
by Edwidge Danticat. Published by crown journeys, randomhouse 2002 (hardback..get the library to stock it or borrow it from me in Miami)

Think this would be a good start because Edwidge is young, her other books (breath eyes memory and kris krak are wonderful), and this book speaks about carnival....what this site revolves around for the most part.

As you read it you'll think that she really ain't know how to wuk up, but you'll appreciate the way she describes things and puts a history behind everything. alot of stuff struck me as good points for discussion and I'll type em up later if you all are interested.


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MIX BOOK CLUB --- let's start---Haitian author

Details about the bookclub is coming soon....

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RE: MIX BOOK CLUB --- let's start---Haitian author

hum, i will go check it...
by the way sanfranjouvey are you female or male??? i've been wondering that for a long time

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