I need a good book



old school selections:
- anything by Samuel Selvon or Michael Anthony
- Michelle Cliff - "No Telephone To Heaven"

new school
- Zadie Smith - "The Autograph Man" (or "White Teeth" if you haven't read it yet)

kuchi kuchi kuchi la...
put more peppa in di channa...


You worserer than I
hi in_solid....how are you?.im fine myself..did i ever tell you that i like how you've decorated your little box there?..(i meant to reply to dougla ting but i didn't feel like going all the way back to the top of the post to do it, so i figure that you wouldn't mind me latching onto you..at least i said hi first)

I highly recommend "Portable Promised Land" by Toure, and "Blackfunk", by Michael Presly......

Don't study it