I fondled a number of primary school girls



But I was a primary school student and they agreed to it. Most even older than me ...

The Public Service Commission (PSC) in Grenada has suspended a primary school teacher who is at the center of allegations that he sexually molested some of his female students, according to a report on Only the sun covers the Caribbean Better.

In a letter, dated September 11, the PSC has ordered the un-named teacher to proceed on leave with half pay pending an investigation into the allegation.

The PSC wrote, "the Commission is of the opinion that the public interest required that you should forthwith cease to perform your duties as a qualified teacher at the St. George's Methodist school until the conclusion of the investigation."

The teacher was transferred to the Ministry of Education in February following the allegations but recently, the PSC, ruled that there was no evidence to support the claims against him.

That decision sparked an angry response from child rights advocates, who picketed the school, placed placards outside the PSC building and marched through the streets in support of their demands that the teacher be removed.

"We wrote again to the Public Service Commission from the Ministry urging them to reconsider the decision, "said Education Minister Franca Bernadine.

"We presented again some of the details and further documentation that has come our way from other bodies and organisations".

However, the primary school teacher has denied the allegations and in a recent radio interview said that he had not been informed of the exact nature of the charges.

"Up to this point in time, I do not know what the charges are against me" he complained.