How to write a comparative essay ?


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Writing a comparative essay can be a challenging assignment for many students, especially when they have to simultaneously cope with the other writing tasks. Moreover, usually, a comparative essay entails some two phenomena or things that you have to compare and contrast, so be sure that you know where to begin. If you do not have the faintest idea where to start with writing a comparative essay, be sure that you can rely on the comprehensive guidelines provided by our professional writers. Find them enlisted below. Here is a detailed step-by-step manual how to write a comparative essay. More about this


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Your precious words. You know they’ve got to be right to attract the audience you want. Here some tips to make your essay
more interesting:

1. Embrace the line break

2. Break up your content with compelling subheads

3. Create bulleted lists

4. Use “deep captions”

5. Add relevant and helpful links

6. Highlight content strategically

7. Harness the power of numbers

8. Check your formatting to turn scanners into readers

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An example of a personal essay

Here is an example of writing used in the essay of personal narration. Pay attention to the tone and words that you specify the mood. You can almost feel warm and humidity.

"It was the middle of spring and opposite my house where the incident occurred. There was a lake in which my brother and I loved to explore from time to time. The humidity and drops of water resemble a fully functional sauna. " On the heat of the heat and the burning sun of the Sun was merciless. "

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