How Localbitcoins clone script work for its users?


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Localbitcoins is a leading p2p crypto exchange platform where anyone can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies and it is a completely decentralized platform where one can exchange their cryptocurrencies without any third parties.

Localbitcoins clone script is a popular clone script that includes all existing features like localbitcoins With this clone script anyone can launch their crypt exchange like localbitcoins.

How localbitcoins clone script works:

1. Registration:

First you need to register and login to trade cryptocurrencies on the site.You should follow the steps to register and login. Once you create your profile on the site you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies anonymously.

The seller can create their advertisement for selling their bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies on the site.At the same time buyer can see their advertisement.

If the buyer or sellers are satisfied with all the terms, then they will exchange their cryptocurrencies.

4.Escrow service:
Escrow method is one of the best services when transaction because It safely holds the cryptocurrency until the fund reaches the seller.

5.Leave feedback:
On the localbitcoins clone script site traders can leave their feedback whenever they trade.This feedback helps to protect from scams and other theft activities.

These are the simple methods of trading on localbitcoins clone script.because of this many of crypto traders like localbitcoins to trade.
Though developing crypto exchange platforms like localbitcoins is in the high peak in the crypto market.

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