Has anyone learned a new musical instrument as an adult?


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I used to lie to myself that I was teaching myself guitar...umm..that lasted about 2 months! my daughter plays clarinet and learning flute and guitar..my youngest plays drum and learning guitar. my s/o taught himself bass guitar...

and I'm a bum!

Just Curious of it's use....
I already play the piano, although I definitely need to get back into it.

But I'm considering something else, perhaps the cuatro. Love parang and would like to play another instrument that I can sing along with...

Does anyone learn an instrument as an adult? Which one and have you mastered it?

How long did it take you to get the basics down?
As a child, I love to play the flute roughly, but as an adult, I didn't try to flute. But, yes, I decided to play guitars and keyboards. Though it is tough to play the guitar if you want to do something unique, but many new and hi-tech musical instruments made it very easy.

By the way, if you want to learn new instruments, then you should consider some musical instruments, gear and accessories from here https://www.sound-beat.com/. To use many of them, you don't need to learn them, only technical knowledge is required. On the other hand, I want to learn the following musical instruments in these summers.

Ukulele: Yes, it belongs to the lute family and many of my friends are willing to learn it to play in this quarantine.

Guitars: If you think you have learned everything about playing the guitars, then you are wrong. There is much scope to discover hundreds of new things about guitars. Nowadays, I am learning to play the guitars with modern gear. I think you should make your ideals before learning guitar mainly the modern guitar with gears. For me, Wolf Alice is a great inspiration for me and I am planning to go to their upcoming concert this winter and finalizing tickets and dates from this source https://concerts50.com/artists/wolf-alice-tour-dates-usa. Actually, I love the way Joff Oddie of this rock band performs with guitar. Let's see if I can get his autograph at this concert.

Moreover, I have tried various pedal effects, and nowadays, I am thinking to try different amps from here https://www.happynewguitarday.com/best-jazz-guitar-amp/ for my jazz guitar. Though many places give reviews about the perfect one but I would like to try 2-3 to analyze their sound quality.

Digital Piano: I know you have already mentioned piano here but I think you are talking about acoustic pianos and I would suggest you to play digital pianos. It is a wonderful experience to use this technology where you can simulate the timbres and keys could also be detected. If you are unfamiliar with them then you can explore everything about digital pianos from here https://pianoopedia.com/digital-pianos/. I hope you would love to use digital pianos because of their great sound quality and feel.

Harmonica: Actually, I already trying different songs on my old-fashioned Harmonica.

Here is also a guide to learn harmonica.

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