Hardest College Course You've Endured?

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I'm happy that that algebra was the de only math in my curriculum.

I swear that I could have shot sumbady when it comes to factoring X&Y.


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Trig is serious.

It involves too much memorization.

just caught this after my post...Trig is such B.S.

Linear Alegbra was cool til I got to the 4th year level.....then it became just like Trig to me. Couldnt stand it


Yeah , I couldn't get into Physics although I was good at Math. After hitting you with X & Y most of your life they them introduced Z . You never really start seeing the importance in Calculus until 3. I never took Calculus 4 though :scratch
Cal 3 was ridiculous. Taylor and Mclauren series was painful to me. The physics as long as you took them in series with the cal classes was easy. The math you learned in cal was applied in pysics so it helped a lot.
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Post an example.
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