Happy Birthday Lord Salt....


*MUAH* have a good 1

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Take Kaiso In Yuh Mouth!!
yeah yeah thx 4 the wishes ppl!! (surprised allyuh rememba :tongue:)

bday has been a blast so far w/ pre-surprise lime yesterday and celebration continues 2nite thru the wknd. i jus happy it land on a thursday this year. past few years its been falling on the wackest days of the week, but i back in bizness for 2k7. thx again ppl!



- hi RHONDA! *shines helmy*
- troublesome y get my good side :)
- cgal as long as it still works i good!
- dnl nex yr i promise or my name is not frank. oh wait.... lol


New member
what it is Salty Ballz? Happy B'day man! I couldn't make the lime but I sure you enjoyed yourself and embarrassed yourself same time.

all the best dude.