Five tips to adding color to your home:


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Five tips to adding color to your home
By Malene Barnett | Circle Sister
Wednesday, 07 June 2006

Five tips to adding color to your home: without the help of a design professional:

Whether you own or rent, adding color to a space is like getting an instant facelift. And I don’t mean painting the walls white or beige. I mean using bold colors such as orange, green or turquoise, colors that makes a statement about who you are. I bought my first place on a budget and I had to be resourceful when it was time to decorate. I had to revitalize my space as a reflection of my personality and lifestyle: painting was the practical solution.

Most people are stuck when it comes to choosing the right colors for their home. As a designer I get stuck from time to time; so don’t worry, you’re not alone. Plus if you are not visually oriented, this can seem to be a particularly overwhelming task. However, here are a few tips that can make selecting colors more enjoyable, and less stressful.

1. Art work

Look at paintings or photographs. Browse through magazines and books and mark the pictures you like. Once you have made your selection edit your images into two piles, one pile with images that you can live with and the other with images that you can live without. Select the colors from the pictures you can live with and basically the color palette is created based on those selections

2. Floor coverings

If you plan on buying a rug for your space choose a rug with colors that you like and build your color scheme around it. The more colors in the rug the more colors you can add to your space. Building a room from the ground up always works best because the floor is a central part of any room.

3. Textiles

Find a fabric you really like and select colors from that fabric. Many cultures are known for the use of high intensity colors in their textile arts. Fabrics such as Kente cloth of Ghana, Batiks of Indonesia and Molas of South America are very rich in colors and textures. They will stimulate your mind with loads of colorful ideas.

4. A Vacation

Think about a favorite place you’ve visited. Visualize the landscape, architecture and people. What colors did you see? How did it make you feel? Write those colors and emotions down and look for paint chips that coordinate with those feelings and memories. Then, create a space that is reminiscent of your journey. There are many parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America who celebrate color in all aspects of life. Don’t be afraid to re-create your experience.

5. Trust your gut

If all else fails trust your gut and just pick a color you like. If there is a color you absolutely love and can live with then use it. Once you paint a wall, the room will come alive and you will find that the pieces to bring the room together will come easily.

I used tip number one to create my space. I selected colors from a painting my friend brought back from Cuba, which went perfectly with my theme: modern Caribbean style. Your home should make a statement about you so don’t be afraid to add color to your space. Remember which ever way you choose your colors buy a sample, paint a piece of poster board and hang it on your wall for a week and then make your final decision. If you keep these tips in mind, selecting your next color(s) shouldn’t be so complicated.

About The Author

Malene Barnett is the designer and owner of malene b. llc., a home furnishing brand that combines art and culture with contemporary design. Check out malene b. at: or send an email to


Thanks for posting this. I moved into my house three years ago and my walls are the same floral white that I pained them when I came in (the guy who I bought the place from had some wierd rose color on the wall....yuck!). I have some color in my bathroom and in my powder room. I'm scared to commit to color for I'm afraid of getting tired of it. I figured I can change the mood of a room with accessories (throw pillows, artificial flowers, etc.). I'm going to get the courage to change the colors of some of the rooms in my house. :superman:


makeup artist...not god!
very helpful info, i am about to do major renovation in my home.
i love the vibrant use of colors and textiles in the photos.


sexy thang
I've watched so much HGTV i think imma professional lol when we bought our house in FL i was so into the color choices he had to remind me its for investment dont get carry away :blush2:
i love decorating this was very helpful!!


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