FELLAS, would/do you wash your woman's PANTIES??


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the first question would be why would you want your man to wash your panties?


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what does licking my pum pum have to do with any of it? Find a better reason than that man.

Flinging them into the machine doesnt amount to anything since there is nothing intimate about putting a bunch of clothes in a washing machine.

Handwashing - I dont want anyone washing my panties unless I am incapaciated. I am not trusting anyone to clean them properly since it is me that suffers the consequences if someone else doesnt hand wash them well.

no, I simply would have no desire to ask him in the first place, or anyone else for that matter.


What does like ur pum have to do wid washing ur panties??? I just can't see why he shud wash them.. There aree somethings that are unnecessary and that's one of them... U can't get a helper to wash panties why wud u want your man to do that for you? I personally think that's one thing that women shud do themselves.... But that's just me tho.. Not saying that he shudnt if he has to but if he doesn't have to then why?


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why not? He can like your pum but he cant wash ur panties?
well, from my experience with women...

they all personally hand wash their own panties, and would shy away frm having anyone else doing it.

It's kind of as extreme as asking someone to brush ur teeth for u. I'm jus' saying.


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well if man wants to handwash them and women dont mind then I'm not studying that. I'll just stick to doing it myself so I know they are up to my code :grin:

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there r folks who dont have running tap water in their homes, and may have to flee to the river or stand pipe to do the laundry...(i've seen this nuff times)... there may be days when the woman is unable to wash and the man ends up doing it,, so why wont u want him washing ur draws then?? This happens often in the rural areas in the caribbean... I've even had showers with my so, and usually i would wash my undies there, but there are times while showering, he would just take it and wash it out while i'm soaping or so...


So all of you who had maids and servants used to wash your own underwears? What do you do more than them?

Do men wash their own underwears too?


That's all well and good but like Bug said.. Those are my panties and I wud rather deal with them myself... And in all the seeing people wash by the river in jamaica and in tnt.. I am yet to see a man washing panty... A helper in jamaica will NOT wash the panties of an able bodied woman.. Much less a man doing it... Dis I have also seeen... And mystique.. Ur man was being thoughtful cos if u tell him that yu want him to handwash all your panties he may not have the same reaction.. Or maybe he might...I wudnt want to wash or even see another woman's dirty panties myself...