Explaining the difference between Soca and Dancehall to someone from outside.


Radiant Silvergun
what do you tell them songs like 100 Stab by Aidonia and Buddy by Charlie Blacks are
Aidonia's version to me was more of the daggerin/dancehall stuff that I rarely to never lesson to just based on the instrumentation to me. As for Buddy, i'm mad that I actually listened to it and never even bring it up. lol


Who feels it knows it!
If you have heard something like it anywhere outside of a small Caribbean island it's Reggae/Dancehall.
If it is being nominated for a Grammy in its own category it's likely Reggae/Dancehall.
If it has a message outside of jumping up, whining and waving then its probably Reggae/Dancehall.
If Hip hop and rap acts are sampling it then it's probably Reggae/Dancehall.

If you can only define it by what it is NOT then it's probably soca.