Do Allyuh...


twins in full gleee
Socaboy said:
burn insense? If so, what's the best flavors?

i like franken(someting or the other)..

usually the rasta man just give me any ting nice when i go by he.... :D


Cleophus aka pupah lashie
There was a new flavor i saw on 125th St last week.

lemme check de name nah....
here it is!

Shaved Pu$$


~N.A.T.T.Y Valos~
Socaboy said:
I doh know who tell you she does smell good nuh

:eek:hgosh is me and u when i see yuh....and FYI my imaginaryboyfriend tells me that every nite when we hush yuh tail

VP: how u know what i smell like? :p