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Lifted from The SpiceIslander TalkShop post about Electronic books at UWI's Jamaica campus

Caribbean Collection of Electronic Books
The Library has recently acquired a collection of electronic books published by the University of the West Indies Press and or written by authors from the Caribbean including Jamaica. You may access the collection from the Library's webpage or Online Public Access Catalogue.

See the list of titles below:-

Adolphus, a Tale {Caribbean Heritage Series ; V. 2} by Winer, Lise.; Brereton, Bridget; Wilkins, William Noy

Competitiveness in Small Developing Economies : Insights from the Caribbean by Wint, Alvin G.

Confronting Power, Theorizing Gender : Interdisciplinary Perspectives in the Caribbean by Barriteau, Eudine

Demeaned but Empowered : The Social Power of the Urban Poor in Jamaica by Gray, Obika.

Exploring the Palace of the Peacock : Essays On Wilson Harris by Adler, Joyce.; Adler, Irving.; Jagan, Janet.

An Introduction to Politics: Lectures for First-year Students {3Rd Ed.} by Munroe, Trevor.

Woodside, Pear Tree Grove P.O by Erna Brodber

Slavery, Freedom and Gender : The Dynamics of Caribbean Society by Moore, Brian L.

Neither Led nor Driven : Contesting British Cultural Imperialism in Jamaica, 1865-1920
by Moore, Brian L.; Johnson, Michele A

Language of Dress : Resistance and Accommodation in Jamaica, 1760-1890 by Buckridge, Steeve O.

Reclaiming African Religions in Trinidad : The Socio-political Legitimation of the Orisha and Spiritual Baptist Faiths by Henry, Frances.

Interrogating Caribbean Masculinities : Theoretical and Empirical Analyses by Reddock, Rhoda.

Diasporic (Dis)locations : Indo-Caribbean Women Writers Negotiate the Kala Pani by Mehta, Brinda J.

Culture @ the Cutting Edge : Tracking Caribbean Popular Music by Best, Curwen.

Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean : Recent Developments and Key Challenges {Directions in Development (Washington, D.C.). Infrastructure} by Fay, Marianne.; Morrison, Mary

Caribbean Interfaces {Text (Rodopi (Firm)), 0927-5754 ; 52}
by Hulst, Lieven d'.

Digital Poverty : Latin American and Caribbean Perspectives by Galperin, Hernan.; Mariscal, Judith.

Caribbean Libraries in the 21st Century : Changes, Challenges, and Choices
by Peltier-Davis, Cheryl Ann.; Renwick, Shamin

Archaeology of the Caribbean {Cambridge World Archaeology} by Wilson, Samuel Meredith.

Tourism and Responsibility : Perspectives From Latin America and the Caribbean
by Mowforth, Martin.; Charlton, Clive.; Munt, Ian.

Classics in Post-colonial Worlds {Classical Presences} by Hardwick, Lorna.; Gillespie, Carol.

Status and Potential of Commercial Bioprospecting Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean {Serie Medio Ambiente Y Desarrollo, 1564-4189 ; 132} by Santibáñez Quezada, Fernando.

Diaspora Conversions : Black Crib Religion and the Recovery of Africa by Johnson, Paul C.

Theoretical and Empirical Exercises in Econometrics by Nlandu Mamingi.

Tourism and Hospitality Education and Training in the Caribbean by Jayawardena, Chandana.

Practical Introduction to Econometric Methods : Classical and Modern by Watson, Patrick K.; Teelucksingh, Sonja S.

Understanding Crime in Jamaica : New Challenges for Public Policy by Harriott, Anthony.

Resources, Planning and Environmental Management in a Changing Caribbean by Barker, David; McGregor, Duncan F. M.

Economic Development of Barbados by Howard, Michael McGregor.

Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean by Goodbody, Ivan.; Thomas-Hope, Elizabeth M.

Migration in Comparative Perspective : Caribbean Communities in Britain and France {Routledge Research in Population and Migration ; 6} by Byron, Margaret.; Condon, SteÌ phanie.

Environmental Justice in Latin America : Problems, Promise, and Practice {Urban and Industrial Environments} by Carruthers, David V.

Flight to Freedom : African Runaways and Maroons in the Americas by Thompson, Alvin O.

Inna Di Dancehall : Popular Culture and the Politics of Identity in Jamaica

From Nation to Diaspora : Samuel Selvon, George Lamming and the Cultural Performance of Gender by Forbes, Curdella

Out of Order! : Anthony Winkler and White West Indian Writing by Robinson-Walcott, Kim.

Man Who Ran Away and Other Stories of Trinidad in the 1920s and 1930s by Mendes, Alfred H.; Levy, Michèle.

Rupert Gray : A Tale in Black and White {Caribbean Heritage Series ; V. 3} by Cobham, Stephen N.; Winer, Lise.; Brereton, Bridget.

Returning to the Source : The Final Stage of the Caribbean Migration Circuit by Plaza, Dwaine.; Henry, Frances

Midlife and Older Women : Family Life, Work and Health in Jamaica / Joan Rawlins
by Rawlins, Joan M.

Reinterpreting the Haitian Revolution and Its Cultural Aftershocks by Munro, Martin.; Walcott-Hackshaw, Elizabeth.

Slave Systems : Ancient and Modern by Dal Lago, Enrico; Katsari, Constantina


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